Workplace 2020 in Wansbeck

Last week, Ian was in Stroud, Gloucestershire launching Labour’s Workplace 2020 initiative with Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Eagle and Jo Stevens. The Labour Party is determined that when we return to government in 2020, we represent the authentic voice of working people as we have done in the past.

Labour has, throughout our history, shaped our country into a better place. From the foundation of the welfare state to the minimum wage, Labour has always fought for working people.

As the world of work changes, we are determined to reach out beyond the Westminster bubble and hear from people about their experiences. You don’t need to be a Labour or Trade Union member to take part. We want to create a workplace of the future, where employees can have a secure job and know that they can provide for their families.

We also want to hear from employers. Good employers who treat their employees well need to be celebrated as role models for their industries. These employers mustn’t be disadvantaged by those who are less respectful of those they employ. Workplace 2020 is about the changing world at work and that means demonstrating that successful businesses rely on successful relationships with employees.

The world of work the Tories see is one stacked in favour of businesses, where employees have little notice and fewer shifts. It’s a world where quality time with the family is a privilege for the wealthy few.

Labour has always been about building a better world. We are seeking a new settlement for the modern world of work. An approach based on delivering highly skilled jobs commanding decent rates of pay. We want to ensure rights for the employed and the self-employed and to ensure everyone has a voice at work through collective bargaining.

Workplace 2020 is a national campaign and Ian wants to hear from people in Wansbeck about their working lives & about good and bad employers. This is an opportunity to shape Labour policy and to shape the future of our country.

Anyone who has a story to tell about their workplace, their employer or employees is welcome to visit and to keep an eye out for the regional Workplace 2020 events.