To win in 2020, Labour must come together

Reading the predictions for the elections last week, Labour was supposed to collapse in on itself. Instead, throughout England, people have continually chosen to keep Labour in charge of their local councils and we have recaptured the mayoralties of Bristol and London.

It wasn’t a night of success, but it wasn’t a night of failure. No amount of verbal gymnastics can disguise our performance in Scotland, but in Kezia Dugdale we have a leader who understands the scale of the challenge we face. Only a Labour government can fight for working people from all 4 nations of Britain. We increased our vote share from 2015, and with a unified party and a clear message we can win in 2020.

As a movement, our priority must be to win the next general election. We have forced u-turns and watered down damaging policies; but in opposition we can only make a difference by reacting to what the government does. In government, we’ll be able to change lives for the better. To do this, we need a strong and united Labour Party.

Despite a media storm and a relentless personal campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, we are still the largest party in local government. The Conservatives lost more seats than we did, and we have shown that Jeremy’s message can cut through in key areas we need to win. We have so much talent in our party, so many effective campaigners and inspiring speakers that when the party speaks with one voice, we can be confident of a return to government.

Jeremy Corbyn has the support of Labour members & supporters. On Thursday, voters across England and Wales showed that Jeremy can build a winning coalition. With the party united behind him, we can turn Labour values into action and change lives for the better from 2020.