The Land Registry

Regarding the Conservative government's proposal to privatise the land registry.

Following a great deal of interest from constituents on this issue, I would like to make public that I am vehemently opposed to these outrageous proposals and I intend to fight tooth and nail together with the trade unions against the government’s vindictive attack on our services.


I have and always will be opposed to the selloff of our much needed public services to the private sector for nothing more than private gain and corporate greed. In 2014 the government held a consultation about privatising the Land Registry and 95% of those who responded were against the idea. It is an ideologically based privatisation, driven only by their agenda to shrink the size of the state to fit in the pocket of corporations.


The Land Registry is an efficient public service with a record of producing a surplus. It is not an inefficient quango as Tory spin will portray it. Privatisation of an essential government instrument will make the country a poorer place in both financial and informational terms.


The workforce within the land registry are to be commended for the excellent work they do. It is our duty to support the staff in secure employment and that means within the public sector. Vital national assets, resources and tools belong in the hands of the many, and I and the Labour Party look forward to challenging the government on this unnecessary and unwanted privatisation.