Speaking up for Newbiggin by-the-sea residents

It’s absolutely essential that Newbiggin-by-the-Sea can have a fully functioning post office once more. Almost a year ago, residents of Newbiggin lost access to a conveniently located, easily accessible post office.

For residents who can’t easily jump in a car and drive to Ashington, this situation simply isn’t acceptable.

 The delays to opening a new branch are clearly surmountable. Common sense has to prevail. In November we believed that the situation was ‘moving in the right direction’. I urge everyone concerned to work to reach a solution so that residents aren’t faced with a round trip of roughly half an hour to use an essential service.

I know that everyone involved wants the best for Newbiggin and business circumstances are difficult at present. But as a representative of Newbiggin, I absolutely have to stand up for constituents who are facing constant inconvenience and difficulty.

 To ensure that Newbiggin residents are able to properly access the facilities that the Post Office offers, that only the Post Office can offer is an absolute priority for me. I’ve already written to the Secretary of State and to the Chief Executive of the Post Office about the situation and will continue to represent my constituents in this way. I will also continue to work with the County Councillors from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea to ensure that the situation can be properly resolved with the support of elected representatives.

As your elected representative in Parliament, away from any party politics, I will continue to press for answers and do what I can to ensure that residents of Newbiggin can access a Post Office branch easily and conveniently.