School Cuts Campaign


Throughout 2016 the NUT and the ATL identified the changes made by the Conservative Government to the Schools Funding Formula and their effects on schools, teaching staff and children across the country. 

After these figures were announced and criticised by the Conservatives as an 'exaggeration' and 'scare mongering' - the National Audit office discovered that in fact the cuts were MUCH worse than first expected. 

98% of Schools in England and Wales will have their budgets cut including every single school in the Wansbeck Constituency - ranging from small community primary's facing losses of £570 per pupil (cambois primary) to large urban high schools facing losses of nearly £750,000 from their budget - or the equivalent of 20 Teachers (Northumberland C of E Academy, Ashington). 

After seeing these figures and realising the devastating impact they will have on our Families, our Communities and our Children's Futures I decided to take action and campaign against these callous cuts in Wansbeck.

I am proud to be serving as Chair of the Labour Party alongside my Colleague Angela Rayner (Shadow Secretary of State for Education) who will also be supporting our campaign alongside The NUT, the ATL, Unison, Unite, GMB and the NAHT who are all shocked and concerned by the scale of these proposed Tory Cuts.

To keep up to date and prepared for every situation these cuts could create, I have formed a 'Wansbeck School Cuts Forum', with the first meeting at the end of 2016 being attended by nearly every Head Teacher from Wansbeck Schools. Together, we can hopefully find solutions to some of the problems and share experiences locally about the effect of these Government cuts. 

I will be planning another of these meetings at the start of 2017, with the aim of bringing our local Head Teachers together and planning a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education - whom I have written to a number of times. 

We will continue doing all we can to protect our Education Services and School Budgets. 

Follow me on twitter @ianlaverymp and join the #schoolsjustwannahavefunds campaign for fairer funding and equality in education.