Lavery calls to Scrap the Cap

As a proud supporter of the #ScrapTheCap Campaign, I was delighted to meet with representatives from the Royal College of Nursing here in Wansbeck Constituency.

Our North East Nurses and all the staff across our NHS do absolutely phenomenal work, regularly exceeding their responsibilities & duties to help those in need and keep our country running. All our public services only continue to exist because of the good will and determination of workers who haven't had a pay-rise in 7 years.

It's a disgraceful insult by the Tory Party to enforce a 1% pay freeze on their wages, whilst giving the UK's Super-rich ever increasing tax breaks. It's utterly shameful.

This is why I will continue to support the Scrap the Cap campaign and fight for fairness and equality in Wansbeck and the rest of the UK.