Ian backs WASPI campaign

The Women Against State Pension Inequality campaign has rightly captured national attention. Some women are facing an extra six years at work. This shouldn’t be an issue of contention; rather MPs of all parties should embrace the opportunity to right this wrong.

Owen Smith, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary offered in February to convene a cross party commission to identify solutions to the problem. Action by Labour and other parties has been met with obfuscation and inaction by the government. By joining the All Party Parliamentary Group, even Tory MPs are signalling their displeasure with the government reaction to this issue.

Ian will work to get a satisfactory outcome for the women affected by the changes to pension age. Many of these women will have worked for many years, many decades and are now seeing the goalposts moved at the last moment. The stonewalling from Stephen Crabb shows how the new coat of paint is already peeling from so-called ‘one-nation’ Conservatism. He is taking the same line as his predecessor and is displaying the same callous disregard for public opinion about this as Iain Duncan Smith displayed on the bedroom tax.

This government has shown that it is liable to change policy when pressure is applied and Ian looks forward to working with other campaigners to force yet another u-turn in government policy.

Anyone in Wansbeck Constituency who has been affected by the changes to the state pension age should feel absolutely welcome to make contact by phone, post or email with the constituency office to let Ian and staff know how best to represent their concerns in Parliament.

If you want a campaigning party, one that will stand united and demand fair settlements for all, do all you can to elect a Labour government in 2020.