Gamers Gambling with unexpected Christmas Costs

This week I have written to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport to express my concern about some recent practises in the Video Gaming industry.

It's especially important for me to raise this on behalf of Constituents in the lead up to Christmas. This is because some games, including those without 18+ age restrictions, are introducing gambling elements to children in the form of 'loot boxes' and 'in-game credits'.

This can be costly enough for Gamers, encouraged to improve their online experience by purchaisng randomised content. However, for parents unaware of this feature, their connected credit cards and the easy-to-purchase abilities in these games could lead to unexpected bills at Christmas.

I would like to make all Gamers and parents of Younger Gamers in my constituency aware of this. I would also like to advise anyone concerned that I have called on the Government to act on this immediately and will share any official response I receive in due course.