2017 General Election Campaign

Since the General Election has been called, Parliament has since been dissolved and all former MP's standing for re-election have began campaigning and the national campaign trails are beginning to become more and more active. 

I am incredibly proud to announce I will be standing for Re-Election in my home constituency of Wansbeck. Over the past 7 years the people of Wansbeck have made it a pleasure and a privilege to represent them in Westminster.

You have a choice on the 8th of June to vote for me again and to keep up the pressure on what I believe is one of the most callous, regressive conservative Governments this country has ever seen. We need to continue fighting for Wansbeck and ensuring that each and every member of our society is represented equally and given the same opportunities as their neighbour. 

Making Britain work for the Many and not the Few has been Labour's campaign slogan and as we continue to spread our message across the UK, I will be campaigning in Wansbeck with the people of my home area alongside fellow members, friends and family all standing up to the Conservative Government and voting Labour for a society that works for everyone. 

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